Boy is a 11 year boy, who dreams of meeting Micheal Jackson but his plan fails. First his mum dies when she had Boy's younger brother Rocky. Also his Father went away for 7 years, when His nan goes away, it is last day at school, and he has a Fight with one of the kids in his class named Kingi.

But Boy and his other couisns also Rocky gets suprised when his Father and two other men arived on the farm everythings don't go to plan as I Futhrer said in the Story.Boy is Mean and Arugementive he is also supriesd by the money he founds that Alamein dug up 7 years before he and his friends went jail.As he founds the money he treats his friends with iceblocks.But when his Father come he attacks Boy to where he got the money from.  But he never told his Father.

As Boy Stress's over his father he has a go at his Father saying you weren't there when she died. When Alamein says to Boy Dont get into the narcy stuff.Boy Says Night Dad.


In the movie he appears wearing a Singlet and short.Also when he goes to bed he wears a singlet saying poyoco and boxershorts.


Boy sleeps in his own bed then Rocky sleeps by himself.


Boy has brown eyes and brown hair and Maori Brown Skin.

Boy is played by James Rolleston

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