Boy is a 20 year old fucking black kid living in his mums basement, he enjoys kayaking on the lawn cause he extra chromosomes and his dad ran away because he didn't want to be retarded like his son.

He only wanted iceblocks but his auntie had to be a dick face now he cant join the crazy horses and eat iceblocks with his friends maori smurf and shardanay . one day he got heaps of money and bought some lollies for him and the cuzzies. Then his crackhead dad came back and got his crazy horses patch back from his lil shogun wanna be cunt son

As Boy Stress's over his father he has a go at his Father saying you weren't there when she died. When Alamein says to Boy Dont get into the narcy stuff.Boy Says Night Dad. we bouta trap leggo rocky


In the movie he appears wearing a Singlet and short.Also when he goes to bed he wears a singlet saying poyoco and boxershorts.


Boy sleeps in his own bed then Rocky sleeps by himself.


Boy has brown eyes and brown hair and Maori Brown Skin.

Boy is played by James Rolleston